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How can you miss what was never yours?
I feel you sometimes, you know.
I don’t know how you got so far under my skin,
Yet I know that you’re a part of me now.
The troubled state of my soul
Rests on visions of you.
Once you felt more real, but now
I watch you return to the mists.
Will you return?
Please, don’t be gone long.
I’ll miss you every second.
I hope you know, my heart
Is in your hands,
Hoping fervently….
You may not know,
I understand.
I hope one day, you will.



Can you see the fire
In my eyes?
An undeniable pull…
I can barely disguise
What I feel
But you don’t realize
At all.

Breaking Free [Car Diary]

I’m not up for
Another round of
Dragging my heart
On the ground
While you sleep sound
In your fantasy
With or without me
Now I’m
Breaking free.

Call for Freedom [Car Diary]

make me a free woman
floating on the breeze
gliding over trees

make me a free woman
playing in the meadow
hiding in the shadow

make me a free woman
singing with the flowers
dancing in the showers

make me a free woman
guiding my own power.

Masochism [Car Diary]

My heart’s already broken
Bleeding on the floor
You hold the knife–
Still, I’m begging you for more

And so you ask the question
“Just how much can you take?”
I know that I should leave,
But instead say, “Let it break…”


Where did I go?
I thought I was right here
But now I’ve disappeared

How long until
I find myself
How long before
I can stand
On my own?

Don’t want to be
The broken girl
The one who’s lost
Her way.

Wish I was
Here to stay.


Change things when and where you can,
But remember, you’re just one man.
You can’t go it alone forever,
There could be a change of weather,
And the only will become the none.