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How can you miss what was never yours?
I feel you sometimes, you know.
I don’t know how you got so far under my skin,
Yet I know that you’re a part of me now.
The troubled state of my soul
Rests on visions of you.
Once you felt more real, but now
I watch you return to the mists.
Will you return?
Please, don’t be gone long.
I’ll miss you every second.
I hope you know, my heart
Is in your hands,
Hoping fervently….
You may not know,
I understand.
I hope one day, you will.


Breaking Free [Car Diary]

I’m not up for
Another round of
Dragging my heart
On the ground
While you sleep sound
In your fantasy
With or without me
Now I’m
Breaking free.

Masochism [Car Diary]

My heart’s already broken
Bleeding on the floor
You hold the knife–
Still, I’m begging you for more

And so you ask the question
“Just how much can you take?”
I know that I should leave,
But instead say, “Let it break…”


I feel your hand caress my cheek,
Or is it just the wind?
My lonely heart forever seeks
Your lost soul, my dear friend.

I gave to you my hand and heart–
Body, mind, and soul.
And if I’d played this to my art,
You’d have from me the whole.

My dearest love, return to me
When saner minds prevail.
I’m ever lost on love’s blank sea,
No wind to fill my sail.