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How do I say the words
I was never supposed to say?
How do I let you know
That my heart has gone astray?

Tethers carefully placed,
Broken by the tempest–
Hearts were never
Made for chains.



Do you ever look at pictures
And wonder if
They are looking
Back at you?
Maybe, it’s true,
When you were staring into space,
Thinking that you saw a face,
It really was me,
Wondering if you could see.
Maybe all those dreams
Of futures yet to be,
Really were
Exactly what they seemed.


How can you miss what was never yours?
I feel you sometimes, you know.
I don’t know how you got so far under my skin,
Yet I know that you’re a part of me now.
The troubled state of my soul
Rests on visions of you.
Once you felt more real, but now
I watch you return to the mists.
Will you return?
Please, don’t be gone long.
I’ll miss you every second.
I hope you know, my heart
Is in your hands,
Hoping fervently….
You may not know,
I understand.
I hope one day, you will.

Aine Speaks

“Can you hear the heartbeats of a million people…
Can you feel my words on your heart…
Can you feel the rhythm of the changing…
Can you hear the groans of revolution…
Can you feel…
Can you feel…”

So Aine speaks to me.  Tonight brings great change, how or what, I do not know.  The time for sitting still is over.  Now is the time for action.  We are all feeling it, the stirring, the call.  We know that something must be done, but we know not what.  It will come, and with it, confusion.  But it is coming.  Tonight, the skies will wear omens of change.  Tomorrow will show us a new world.  Are we ready?

Today is the day, now is the time.


Can you see the fire
In my eyes?
An undeniable pull…
I can barely disguise
What I feel
But you don’t realize
At all.

Breaking Free [Car Diary]

I’m not up for
Another round of
Dragging my heart
On the ground
While you sleep sound
In your fantasy
With or without me
Now I’m
Breaking free.

Call for Freedom [Car Diary]

make me a free woman
floating on the breeze
gliding over trees

make me a free woman
playing in the meadow
hiding in the shadow

make me a free woman
singing with the flowers
dancing in the showers

make me a free woman
guiding my own power.