I originally started this blog on Blogger but I have (obviously) decided to move it to WordPress.  I was publishing under a pseudonym, because my writing is very personal, and so far I have been afraid to show my writing to anyone.  It’s like ripping my soul out of my chest and attaching it to paper.  If something is bothering me, I can put it on paper to help ease the pain of it.  But for that very reason, the idea of showing my writing to anyone else makes me feel vulnerable and anxious.  However, I’m learning to be more comfortable with myself, and I’m starting to realize that my feelings, however deep they may be, do not necessarily make me who I am.  Our actions make us, our thoughts lead us, but our feelings are simply a reaction.  Hopefully, this blog will help others to understand me, and maybe to understand themselves as well.  If it makes someone feel as if they are not alone, I would consider it a high honor.