I had a dream that I was staying at my mom’s house and it was a trailer. There was a walk way that was rickety filled with laundry room and too much laundry to do. The doors barely locked. My mom was taking care of a newborn baby who was clean and an overgrown toddler who was dirty. My kids spilt soup in the carpet. We found a golden retriever who loved the kids. Turns out we were being watched by some rebel group from the future. Their world was blowing up and the explosion was traveling backwards in time. They were trying to get messages through to us from the dog to the baby. The dog was a future person in disguise and was being loaded with good feelings to pass to me and the baby. When things reached dire straits, they traveled back in time themselves and got us to jump in their car. It was super crowded so we had to double up. I ended up sitting in front of a guy who was sitting cross legged in the seat, and I soon realized he was blind. He was actually a deer who was constantly seeing the future and listening for the Oracle. He laid his handz on the side of my face in a way that felt sensual, but he was getting my personality.  He filled me with a sense of love, warmth, and light, and I was put in charge of the baby. I knew we were going to fight this chaos together. We came up on a billboard, actors’ names scrawled across. Two together made me see a different name that wasnt there. My faith in humanity wavered just a moment. The deer said, “you’ve been fooled before, haven’t you?” I said yes, and he nodded. No more words were needed. I knew the seer wasn’t fooling me but still he understood my pain. I felt the unspoken message–just because I was fooled before doesn’t mean I should give up on trust.