Also, I had a dream that could have been a scene from a Final Fantasy game… and AGAIN with the frogs???  Anyway, I was working at the only desk in the large lobby of a large building.  I’m not sure what kind of business it was.  We were close to the water.  There was a barricade at the end of a bridge across from the entrance with a bunch of people behind it.  No one in or out.  I was watching the news–Japan had just bombed Hawaii again.  About half the people behind the barricade looked Japanese, probably seeking refuge.  Was I working at a hotel?  I don’t know.  Then a little girl slips in the lobby door, and her dad is not far behind, trying to catch up.  Then she slips out the side door before he can even get through the first door.  I ran out to help him.  He kept blindly following her path, so I tried to cut around to get in front of her.  Finally we caught her.  He was Japanese, and scared to death.  He was worried that they would put him outside the barrier if he was caught.  I decided to take him to my apartment to hide, because I was worried that they would end up in an internment camp, and I trusted him.  On the way, he explained that he was actually running from the Japanese, because they thought his daughter was a magical assassin.  We reached the other bridge which led to the floating dome city thing which was actually where my apartment was.  It looked like the dome at Disney, but much larger.  This bridge was wider, but empty because everyone was at work.  We started to cross, but then 5 giant green frogs landed on the bridge in front of us.  They told us to hand over the assassin girl.  We would not, but we also had no idea how to fight them.  They produced some sort of missiles from pores on their back, and shot them at us.  The little girl deflected them with a force field and blew up the frogs and half the bridge instead.  Yeah this is really starting to sound like the opening scene from FFX… Well, the other half of the bridge looked shaky, and I was afraid to cross.  The little girl used her force field to reinforce it long enough for us to cross, and then the bridge crumbled after we got past it and the girl released her force field.  We ran towards the dome, and some bird creatures appeared near the entrance.  Seriously, can we not get 5 steps in a Final Fantasy dream sequence without running into some creatures?  We slipped around them unnoticed and made it through the door.  We would have ran towards my apartment, but I couldn’t remember where it was.  I decided it must be in the very center of the dome, because then it would be harder for the creatures to sense our presence.  When I made up my mind, we were there.  No walking, just there.  The little girl was watching cartoons on my tv and the dad sat near the back of the room looking worried, but it had been hours (apparently) and no creatures had found us.  No one even suspected that they were with me.  We were complete strangers to each other, why would they?  I decided to take a shower.  And then I woke up.