As a last ditch of the thinned veil, I’ve had one more set of crazy dreams, though this one was more coherent than the others.  It all started when I fell asleep last night while playing the Sims 2, a family of twin sisters who were also witches and possibly of fairy descent.  When I woke up, the other sister was grieving loudly… is that what woke me up?  Maybe.  In true Sim nerd fashion, I freaked out over my broken story line, and closed the game without saving.  That wasn’t enough apparently, as the sisters decided to haunt my dreams…

In the first one, I went to an infomercial kind of show, but when the woman tried to cook something, the blackened old pot burst into flames.  Then the second demonstration, being performed simultaneously by her husband, also burst into flames.  We tried to extinguish the fires, but they were already spreading, so we evacuated the building.  Then, as we’re all standing outside,  We notice that the members of the club upstairs haven’t noticed–the fire isn’t there yet and they think the smoke is part of the club atmosphere.  So I stand on a chair and yell to them, “Fire, get out of the club!!”  They didn’t hear me, so other people joined in until they could here us, and they started to run out.  A few of them were trapped inside in the chaos, so a few of us tried to help them, but then zombies started to come out of the bottom level of the building.  We all ran away (no hope for the clubbies at this point, right?) but we had to go through *another* building to get away.  I opened at least 3 doors with knife-wielding serial killers behind them, and at the last one I had to wrestle the knife away from him because the only other door had a zombie behind it, and while the zombie couldn’t open the door, the serial killer could, so I took his knife, pocketed it, then pushed him out of the way so I could jump out the window.  I woke up after that.

Then when I went back to sleep, I was walking through a field.  The building was far behind me.  There were other survivors behind me and, due to the unwillingness of the firefighters to believe the club-goers since they couldn’t *see* the fire (lol dream logic), the first building with zombies had been ingulfed, containing the zombie outbreak and all proof of its existence.  With that taken care of, my mind simply forgot the second building and its dangers, and so we few survivors (50 or so) were just wandering through the field, distancing ourselves from the still raging fire which the firefighters were now trying to contain but were sure held no survivors inside.  This alone would make a great plot for a video game–escape alive from a building filled with every horror movie villain ever.  But the best plot, oh that was the horror which continued in my second dream.  But I’m not telling you that, because I’m pretty sure that it’ll make a good story plot, once I clean out the silly bits.  Definitely leaving the Rugrats out of it.