Japan has been hit with terrible tragedy from a massive earthquake.  It has caused a tsunami, and radiation from nuclear power plants.  Many people are displaced, injured, or dead.  It will surely affect their economy, and the global economy as well.  No one will be left untouched from this tragedy.

Yet, in America, we are also under threat of similar disaster.  We had the BP oil spill, an avoidable disaster, but devastating nonetheless.  But instead of pushing for cleaner fuel sources, we wagged our finger at BP and started consuming from other companies.  Chevron ruined parts of the rainforest–sometimes intentionally–and yet, a judge in New York decided to put a hold on the judgment by Ecuador, because he said such a judgment could “ruin Chevron’s reputation”.  No, really?  You think?  And elsewhere in the world, folks are using chemicals to drill for natural gas, claiming that it is perfectly safe.  The methods have never been tested.  Anytime anything has gone wrong–for example, contaminated drinking water, or earthquakes–it has been blamed on older wells and outdated methods.  Finally, they have moved to areas that have never been drilled, and the same thing is happening.  Finally, people affected by this are being taken seriously, if only by a few.

I have one friend from Arkansas who I am still in touch with. She has moved to Mobile, and works for Allstate catastrophe. Lately, on FB, she and her friends from AR have been talking about the earthquakes up there. (These started before the dead birds and fish, but haven’t had much news coverage since.) Apparently, the earthquakes seem to be caused by drilling for natural gas. And she said that Allstate has been training people to deal with an earthquake on the fault line, because they expect a major one to happen within the next 5 years. The question is, why is it that no one knows about this, except the “insiders”?  I would think that insurance companies would rather tell their customers about it, so they will be prepared, and the insurance companies won’t have to pay out as much…

Why is all of this going on behind the scenes?  Why is there no public outrage?  When we’ve got a huge natural catastrophe that just happened, it breaks our hearts, and we want to do everything we can to help those people.  Yet, we can’t even get support to prevent unnatural catastrophe from happening in our own back yard.  And, let’s face it… when it is in our country, people seek to blame, rather than be part of the solution.  I was appalled to hear people saying that New Orleans “deserved” what it got from Hurricane Katrina, because of its notoriety as a sinful city.  Well, y’all better save some of that blame for yourselves when the oil companies you worship ruin your land and water.  Of course, I’m sure our government will try to bail everyone out then, too.  And it will probably have a system of repayment just as crooked as the dealings with Chevron and BP too.



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