I wrote these out on the evening of December 31st, but have been too busy to post them online.  So, without further ado, here’s my list of resolutions.

1.  Practice Yoga every Sunday.  (I have offered my self the reward of taking an actual yoga class if I accomplish my goal through June.)

2.  Spend an hour on reading and writing each week.

3.  Meal plan at least two meals each week.

4.  Add one new allergy fighting food to the menu each month.

5.  Start a square foot garden and compost.

6.  Start an official journal and write in it daily.

7.  Set aside 15 minutes each week to draw.

8.  Make one “green” switch each month.

9.  Make a volunteer effort each month.  (This is intentionally vague–this could be volunteering my time, or donating clothes, or any number of things.)

10.  Follow the FlyLady motto for 2011:  “Let’s go for Seven in 2011!”