from the night of 12/18/2010

I had a dream…. that was so strange…

There was this guy, I don’t remember his name.  It was kinda like a tv show, and he was the good guy.  The bad guys were always trying to kidnap him, take his stuff, that sort of thing.  I don’t remember what was so important about him.  I remember some sort of tube, like a tube of chapstick but it wasn’t chapstick, that I hid in my back pocket at one point.  The bad guys were always doing something stupid to try to take the stuff, but they’d been getting progressively smarter.  When I hid the tube of stuff they were looking for, they kidnapped the hero and gave him some sort of virus.  We had to make an anti-virus.  I should also mention that the virus and anti-virus were both sentient, black blobs like on Spiderman.  Unlike Spiderman, the virus could not detach itself, it just moved like a blob until it entered the target’s system.  Same with the anti-virus, but it would not enter the first person it saw, it knew its target.  The virus had been dumped from a tube straight onto the hero so I don’t know if it had the same capabilities.

Anyway…. So, did I mention that Hillary Duff was one of the people in this group?  She was the hero’s girlfriend.  Now, when he was first infected, we didn’t know.  We tried to rescue him, but he was under the influence of the virus and attacked us.  Then I saw things from his point of view, and saw that, to him, everyone’s faces were distorted, like “trollface”.  (Actually, I think the whole scene reminds me more of the video for “Black River Killer” or possibly the gas from Batman Begins but the last time I saw it was a few years ago so I’m not sure.)  Also, whenever anyone spoke to him, it sounded like medieval English.  But, since people were speaking modern English, it did not translate directly to him, and was distorted, which is why he was unable to understand what his teammates were saying to him. It had sounded like something bad which is why he attacked him.  The scientist announced that he’d finished the anti-virus, and decided that Hillary should be the one to administer it to him.  (At this point, I was no longer seeing things from the hero’s view, but I was not in a body.)  Hillary puts on her sexiest dress and they put the blob anti-virus on her back (so he won’t see it…) and she runs off to find him.  When she’s about half way there, I tell her what I know about the middle English.  She panics and runs to find a book to teach her middle English so she can talk to him.  (I think I told her without having a body, yet she looked at me as if I was in a body… ??? Was I a ghost?  A god??  I don’t know.)  She thumbs through the book to get a quick idea of what she needs to say, but doesn’t have time to perfect it.  When she sees the guy, she tries to talk to him.  She fumbles some words, so he doesn’t completely trust her, but he doesn’t attack her either.  She tries to tell him that she loves him, which was apparently performed perfectly, because he let her kiss him.  She figures she’d best run with this as long as possible so she won’t mess up the talking, so she’s making out with him, but the sentient blob on her back is taking its sweet time reaching its target.  The hero finally gets suspicious and pushes away from her, before the blob gets to him.    I don’t really remember what happened after that, but I think that I helped her get a hold of him again, and this time the blob moved more quickly and he got the anti-virus.  Then he took care of the bad guys.  I watched the crew have a few more adventures, but the bad guys had turned seriously dumb again, so they were over quickly and they were not important.