Last night I dreamed that a train wrecked downtown, when I was on my way down there.  I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was either on 11th or 13th street, and either 6th or 8th avenue.  I remember I was driving when I heard the sirens, but I couldn’t see where they were coming from, so I pulled into a gas station.  Turns out the Fire Department was right next the to gas station, both on the right side of the road, with the FD being first.  So I just pulled in really quick and waited for them to leave.  Then we all stood outside, talking and wondering what had happened, before someone finally heard that there was some sort of accident involving a train, and the location.  I remember asking if that was north or south, but no one knew.  Some people were worried because they had friends or relatives in the area so we started walking.  I was thinking about the people I was with.  I don’t remember how/when, but I had been watching them before, and judging them by how they dressed or acted.  One girl I thought was probably a snob because she dressed kind of high maintenance and was constantly texting.  She’s the one who stood out in my mind, but there were others I had considered to be more cold.  But as we were walking, and people were talking or otherwise revealing themselves, I noticed the softer side of these people, something I would not have noticed otherwise.  And still, it was inconsequential.  After the accident, we would all go our separate ways, and whether I knew them or not would not matter.  We finally saw a piece of the train wreck, but it was the main part of the accident.  Apparently, there had been some sort of explosion or malfunction either with the train or near the train.  The part we saw was after the fact.  Either the explosion had reverbed up to that part, or a car had hit it.  That’s when I woke up.

I had a dream earlier last night, and I’m not sure if it was part of the same dream, or a different one.  I was in my grandmother’s house, learning some sort of class.  The teacher was standing beside the glass door talking to us.  The door was completely clear, like it used to be.  Then she said something about maybe one of her old students was upset with her, because she had noticed someone lurking in the shadows outside the door.  I remember staring at the door until I made out the figure of a person who appeared to be squatting, and he had mohawk.  I thought it was my ex-husband, and maybe he had been spying on me, which was soon confirmed.  I wouldn’t let him in the house, and he got angry, but didn’t do anything.  Another of my ex’s, one who I am friends with, was also outside.  He acted nice and asked for something (I don’t remember what) so I let him in.  This made my ex-husband mad, but I still didn’t let him in.  He stayed outside, in the dark, plotting.

At some other point, either in this same dream or maybe another, I was walking to what was supposed to be my house, but it was in the country, way out in a field.  And before I got to the house, I heard people talking about fire.  The FD was already there, and trying to put it out, but some people were suggesting shovels to put dirt on the fire, so me and another person both grabbed shovels and headed that way.  The fire was in a little piece of the field behind and to the left of my house.  I had been coming to my house from the left of it, and when I saw it, I was a bit in front of it, and I only had to turn left to go to the fire.  My house was on top of a hill, and though I could see it, I was probably still about 5 minutes walking distance away from it.  I walked to the left, and as I started to go down hill, I could begin to see where the fire had been.  They had already dug some dirt to throw on it, in addition to spraying it, and the fire was already out.