We sit at the table and talk.  Conversation flows like water, thoughts and ideas tumbling over each other, bubbling freely.  I feel her presence watching me and, suddenly, I’m aware.  She has always been listening, but I had not noticed.  We aren’t the first to have a conversation here, nor will we be the last.  And as long as she stands, she will listen, collecting the stories and wisdom of those who share.

I wonder why she listens, but realize I already know.  So, I will continue to share.

On another day, I come to see my friend, the listening tree.  Today, he is strong, and watches over me, kindly helping along the connections in my thoughts.  I listen.  Gracefully, patiently, he stands.  The wind blows through his branches, and through my soul.  I hear the heart words that I understand but can’t explain.