There it goes again
This obsession
Time to break free
From this depression

But, it won’t
Let me go
Need… to find
The way home

But home
Is with you.
And I don’t
Even know you

But I want
To be near you
Just want
A bit of you

To hold on to
When times get dark
Listen now,
Play my heart

Beneath your
Eager fingers my
Find their rhyme

Now everything
Makes sense, feels
Right and my
Soul reels

I know what
This means–
A change
of scene…

Love?  That can’t be.
I need
A little more.
(Someone I adore?)

Is it you
I’ve been searching for?
Is it true?
I need to know more.

Because, this love thing,
It’s not new to me.
Just need to know you.
Is your heart true,

Like I think you’ll be
Or, Is this
All just
Another dream?