February 12, 2010

My dear husband, you have changed my life forever.  You have blessed me with a beautiful daughter.  You have blessed me with the ability to take care of myself.  You have blessed me with the confidence to believe in myself.  You have blessed me with self-esteem.  You did not build me up, nor did you help me along my path.  Still, you have blessed me with these things.  Your neglect of me taught me to help myself, because no one else would.  Your unkind words led me to look for self-help, which I found and used to transform my own thoughts.  Your lack of involvement with me and our children made my relationship with them stronger.

You tried to tear me down, to wear on my spirit.  You succeeded, until the point where there was barely any of my spirit left.  You wore me down to the point where I would rather have died than to continue to live such an unnoticed existence.  I lived a life where I felt worthless and unloved.  But on the brink of death, I knew something had to change.  I had to change. I found an inner strength I have never known, and began rebuilding the girl inside.  The beautiful woman you see standing before you today is not a product of your hate, but a consequence.  She is a product of her own inner strength, and no more will you or anyone else be allowed to steal her spirit.